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Colonial Cape Cod Wall Lanterns

Whether copper, brass or pewter, these wall lanterns are hand-crafted reproductions of Early American, traditional Cape Cod, or nautical lighting fixtures that will stand the test of time. The historical origins of these lantern styles vary from schoolhouse, to fishing schooner, to Quaker Meeting House, but all made by Coppersmiths using hand tools and hand-operated machinery. The perfect finishing touch for your Cape Cod porch or deck, the wall lanterns are suitable for indoor or outdoor lighting.

"I have used the Nauset Lantern Shop for many of my custom projects. Nauset Lantern Shop handcrafts custom copper, brass, and pewter lanterns that complement my reputation of helping homeowners achieve their own unique look, not only for interior furnishings, but also for interior and exterior lighting. Some of my favorites include the Navigation Hanging Lantern, as well as the Onion Pewter Lantern with optic globe. I like the Navigation Lantern with the perko lens that optically magnifies the light. The onion pewter lantern with optic globe is unique as the illuminated lantern optic globe casts a silver tint that complements the pewter metal."
— Susan Tuttle, Interior Designer and owner of Surroundings Custom Interiors

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